Calling All Graduates of CNHS Class of '78 

The Class of '78 is celebrating it's 30th grand reunion on 21st December, 2008.  
This will be a full day event, starting with a motorcade/parade from Montano Hall.  The reunion venue is El Palacio (Padi's Point).  There will be lots of fun and games.

View the Reunion's Important Dates and Announcements.

The entire Class of ‘78 would like to thank the organizers who have been putting their time and resources in planning our Reunion, contacting as many of our classmates as possible.  We salute you!  We owe you lots of hugs and kisses the next time we see you!! (Come on guys, they deserve it!)

The organizers have been busy bees working tirelessly to ensure the reunion will be a success, bigger and better than reunions past.  Planning for the 30th reunion started almost a year ago, and they have been meeting regularly since.  And here are the people who have been giving their time and efforts (and most of the time, their spouses and children volunteer their time too!):

Roberto 'Obet' Ramos, Rosalita 'Talits' Enriquez-Lumagui, Daisy 'Dhey' Bernal-Camacho, Melvin Acosta, Ric Tenorio, Analiza 'Annlyn' Lareza-Soer, Albert 'Abet' Domingo, Carmen 'Meng' Ambos-Filomeno, Marinela 'Nela' Medina, Andy De Guzman, Teresita 'Tessie' Pacho-Aguilar, Gabriel 'Gab' Herrera, Edwin Timtiman.

A big thank you also goes to all our classmates who have opened their hearts (and wallets) so generously and already sent their contributions to the Reunion fund.  Special thanks to Alfredo 'Freddie' Andrada, Fidel de Castro, Jerry Tin and others, who have organized a collection drive in the US.

 My sincere apologies if I unintentionally missed out anyone--Ging.

The Energetic Team at Work

Oct. 21- Talits, Dhey, Annlyn, Nela and other members went to Ligtong, Rosario and Noveleta and visited more classmates to spread the word! 

This picture was taken when the team visited Arthur Garcia in Noveleta, Cavite.